The Modern Prometheus


This ongoing research project investigates the history of Promethean Horror, establishing fresh perspectives on topics relating to Modernism, Gothic Studies, the revenant, Cultural Geography, Post-Humanism, and the Turing Test.


Essays connected to this project, on the architects Berthold Lubetkin and Nicholas Hawksmoor, have appeared in The Literary London Journal and The Cambridge Quarterly. Links to these are provided below:

“Gorillas in the House of Light” — Cambridge Quarterly (2011): 40(3): 201-223.

“Mechanics of the Occult” — The Literary London Journal (Autumn 2013): 10(2).

“The Mechanical Turk” — Cambridge Quarterly (2017): 46(2): 119-139.

An essay on “Orc-Talk” will be appearing soon, in The Journal for the Fantastic in the Arts.

A monograph relating to this material is now nearing completion, and should be ready for publication in 2018. This is likely to consist of the following seven chapters:

I. Stately Pleasure Domes: A Brief Introduction to the Horror of Enlightenment
II. Architects of the Occult: London’s Alternative “Gothic” Tradition
III. Orcs: Spectres of Marx in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth
IV. Gorillas in the House of Light: London Zoo and the Modernist Vanguard
V. The City of the Sun: The Insidious Appeal of the Brutalist Dystopia
VI. The Mechanical Turk: Enduring Misapprehensions Concerning AI
VII. The Midwich Cuckoo: H.R.H. Prince Charles and the Promethean Horror in Wessex