I launched CONTRABAND in 2012 to publish a collection by New Modernist poet Nicholas Spicer. Since Landscape With Forgeries appeared I have published twenty books by leading Modernist poets based in the U.K. The following books are in print, and available here at The Black Market in Contraband Books:

Rhys Trimble, rejectamenta (2014)
Linus Slug, An Observent Guide... (2014)
Harry Gilonis, Wheel River Anthology (2014)
Robert Kiely, Fionn (2014)
Edmund Hardy, Complex Crosses (2014)
James Joyce, Mick, Nick and the Maggies, ed. Ollie Evans (2014)
Juha Virtanen, Back Channel Apraxia (2014)
Stephen Mooney, The Cursory Epic (2014)
Sophie Meyer and Sarah Crewe, eds., Glitter is a Gender: anthology (2013)
Marc Atkins, The Prism Walls (2013)
Andrzej Sosnowski, Speedometry, trans. Rod Mengham (2013)
Holly Luhning, Pharmakoi (2013)
Elizabeth Guthrie, Portraits: captions (2012)
John Freeman, White Wings (2012
Nicholas Spicer, Lines on the Surface (2012)
Matt Martin, Full Spectrum Apotheosis (2012)
Andy Spragg, A Treatise on Disaster (2012)
Nat Raha, countersonnets (2012)
Jennifer Cooke, *not suitable for domestic sublimation (2012)
Nicholas Spicer, Landscape with Forgeries (2012)